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A 100% natural and reusable pumice stone made to buff away dead skin found anywhere on the body. This exfoliating body rock should only be used as needed in problem areas where skin needs to restore natural tone and texture. The reusable storage bag includes two body rocks.


Remove dead skin cells

Make skin look visibly younger

Improve skins natural tone and texture

Improve the look of rough, bumpy skin

Reduce ingrown hairs and razor burn via exfoliation

Suggested Usage: For best results, soak your skin in the shower before using the exfoliating rock. We also recommend you wet the stone before use. Move the wet pumice stone in circular motions with light pressure over the skin, concentrating on the problem areas with uneven skin texture. Be gentle. Clean after each use.

External use only. Do not use the product on irritated, broken, or sunburned skin. Regularly inspect your pumice stone for signs of cracking or wear. Replace every 2-3 months for best results. 2 in each bag.

The Body Rock Pumice Stone

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