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Nude Ingrown Hair Serum is 100% All Natural

You should feel comfortable in your own skin. You are beautiful, you are unique and you are the one and only you. But hey, we can all use a little confidence booster once in a while. When Nude Oil is part of your skincare routine you will leave the house singing I’m feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ myself.

Nude is made from the highest quality, natural oils to ensure a soft and luxurious feeling on your skin. It is fragrance-free and gentle with only a slight Tea Tree scent, the anti-inflammatory agent used to reduce ingrown hairs.

Bushbalm is not tested on animals and it’s 100% vegan.


Prevents and soothes ingrown hairs

Helps with bikini line redness

Softens skin and hair

Other Uses

Tips of hair, eyebrows, dry skin, underarms, sensitive chapped lips, dry cuticles, instead of Argan oil in hair + many more!  

Nude Ingrown Hair Body Oil

Price Options
One-time purchase
Nude Oil Monthly
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$30.60every month until canceled
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