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Skin Clinic

We proudly use CIRCADIA Skincare in our services from head to toe. We do things a bit differently here, prioritizing science over fads, results over trends. And after years of doing things our way, we're proud to say it: our physician-formulated products and treatments have earned rave reviews and amazing results. Come and experience what we can do for you!

Bringing Out the Most Beautiful You

We understand better than anyone else: your skin is constantly changing, and reacting to the colourful, vibrant world around you. So we use active ingredients, smart botanicals, and cutting edge science to create treatments that work for every pore, condition, and situation. For clean, clinical skincare that goes beyond predetermined skin types. For skincare that truly knows you in full colour - and can handle your life's constant state of flux.

Sun damage, acne, aging, redness - whatever your skin's challenge, our products and treatments are proven effective. There's a reason people love us, and trust us to create a targeted solution for every stage of your skincare journey. 

Blue Skies

About Pamela’s Place

When you arrive, you have our undivided attention from start to finish. We know that healthy skin is a lifelong journey - one that requires intention, care and expertise. We are constantly evolving with our ever changing world. And it doesn't mean compromising when it comes to integrity. We are efficacy driven, use clinically tested physician formulations and consciously made products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the most current treatments and products while incorporating proven standard techniques. We provide you with professional consultations, clinical skincare and real results.


Esthetician Extraordinaire!

Pamela Papadimitriou

Pamela has been involved in the cosmetic, skin care, and holistic therapy fields for over 35 years. She brings all her experience and knowledge to every treatment. She’s had the pleasure of working or teaching in different countries across the globe, and incorporates Eastern and Western philosophies in all services.

Pamela is constantly learning new skills and upgrading her skills in order to stay up-to-date and meet the high demand of the fast-paced industry. She strives to provide her clients with the answers they seek and the best skin possible.

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